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Dura-Trac SE is a revolutionary new flooring system designed specifically for the Special Events field by special events flooring experts. It's designed for speed and ease of installation while complimenting the flooring you already own. The patent-pending slide lock flooring system easily slides and connects together. Designed to handle the following loads: 25,000 Lbs per square foot on bearing ground and 1,000 Lbs per square foot elevated.
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Artificial Turf
Looking for a turf product that is unique, unusual, or hard to find? Need artificial turf for a playing field, lawn, or other permanent application? Simply click here to contact us for information on our complete line of sports turf, lawn, and specialty products. We think you will be surprised at the range of products we offer.

ValueTurf offers the perfect balance between cost and quality. This turf is thicker and richer than our EconoTurf and provides a more uniform and wrinkle-free appearance. Sections lay more evenly when the pile density is more robust and rigid, so they adjust more easily and appear more level when in place. ValueTurf may be used indoors and outdoors and will not shrink when wet. It may be reused and is available in a number of popular colors to match your needs.













Premier Turf
Premier Turf

For upscale events, where the look and feel of your turf is particularly important and where a plush, thick, and luxurious feeling is required, our PremierTurf is the perfect choice. This unique product takes event turf to a whole other level and rewrites the rules of the game for event turf. PremierTurf differs from other offerings by providing a richer feeling underfoot, one more similar to carpet then to traditional turf. Pile height is higher, turf is more full bodied, and color is richer. Acoustics are better and sections lay flatter and more uniformly than other turf products. From the minute you and your customers walk on this product, you will feel the quality difference. No other supplier has an offering that comes close to ATC’s PremierTurf

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Event Carpet (coming soon)