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Tent Lighting - Pole Hugger II
The POLE HUGGER II is an innovative new way to easily hang lights in a pole tent. The POLE HUGGER II is designed to be used in pairs strapped together on opposite sides of an interior pole or individually on a perimeter pole, whatever works best for your application. The POLE HUGGER II is sold as a pair or singly. With the pair you receive two POLE HUGGER II non-slip brackets, two poles to hang your lights, and two attached ratchet straps. The single POLE HUGGER II includes one POLE HUGGER II non-slip bracket, one pole to hang your lights and two attached ratchet straps. The POLE HUGGER II is easy, simple and affordable. You can’t afford to be without the POLE HUGGER II! Call today to place your order!
• 300 pound hanging weight
• 32” cross pole to hang lights
• Can hang lights both horizontally & vertically
• Powder coated for durable finish
• Non-slip rubber cushioning
• Attached ratchet straps
• Use as a pair or singly
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